What are the advantages of flame retardant masterbatch

新闻动态 2022-2-14 9:26:04

Flame retardant masterbatch, also known as flame retardant masterbatch, flame retardant particles, fire retardant masterbatch, fire retardant masterbatch, etc., is the most excellent flame retardant product in the plastic flame retardant market.

In layman's terms, the flame retardant masterbatch is the concentration masterbatch after the flame retardant compound formula, which is formed by the carrier and the compound flame retardant, and twin-screw granulation. Its dispersibility, fluidity, compatibility, thermal stability and weather resistance in raw resin are far superior to ordinary flame retardant products. It also has a more prominent feature that it is environmentally friendly and easy to use. The flame retardant masterbatch is granular, replacing the previous powder flame retardant, and no dust is generated during processing, which can protect the workshop environment and the health of workers.

What are the advantages of functional flame retardant masterbatch?

1. Easy to use, environmentally friendly and dust-free: most of the flame retardant masterbatches are spherical or cylindrical particles, the size is just the same as ordinary plastic particles, easy to weigh and add, and can realize automatic suction or electronic weight feeding, the whole process Dust-free powder, clean and hygienic, reduce volatilization waste, improve working environment, improve work efficiency, easy to use.

2. Good compatibility with plastic resins: Reasonable flame retardant masterbatches are specially designed according to their different functional requirements to solve their compatibility with different resins, so that the amount of flame retardant masterbatch added in the resin is even When it is larger, it will not cause problems such as delamination, frosting, white spots and pitting. Better compatibility with materials, better performance, smoother surface, easier and wider processing technology.

3. Diversification of functions: The main feature of flame retardant masterbatch is the functionalization of flame retardant masterbatch. With the advancement of technology, equipment and materials are constantly improving, and the functionalization of flame retardant masterbatch is becoming more and more mature and effective. Customers can directly add a certain proportion of functional flame retardant masterbatch, and simply and evenly mix it with plastic raw materials, and then it can be molded into the required qualified products at one time, which greatly saves processing costs and processing time, and reduces energy consumption.

4. High flame retardant efficiency: flame retardant masterbatch is based on a reasonable formula, through the organic combination of flame retardant, lubricating dispersant and carrier, through Banbury, kneading, uniform extrusion and granulation, and mixed with plastic. They are more compact and uniform with each other; at the same time, the flame retardant masterbatch has better dispersion effect due to the carrier and dispersant containing high solubility index, so that each flame retardant molecule can play a flame retardant effect, thereby improving the flame retardant effect. efficient.