Caijian Plastic Co., Ltd.: the future of spray-free is bright, and the darkness before dawn can be overcome

新闻动态 2022-2-12 10:50:29

Dongguan Caijian Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It is a provider of special performance optimization solutions for plastics. It is mainly engaged in spray-free materials, fully degradable color masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch, food-grade color masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, Antibacterial masterbatch, laser engraving masterbatch, halogen-free wire color masterbatch and other modified functional masterbatches are widely used in household appliances, toys, daily necessities, bathroom products, stationery packaging materials, medical food, cables and wires and other industries. The company participated in the Qingdao Plastics Exhibition in late July, focusing on showing the spray-free materials to the home appliance industry in the Qingdao area. At Caijian's booth, General Manager Cheng Liping communicated with Jufeng reporters on the topic of spray-free.

Spray-free masterbatch is a new type of plastic material with special metal effect and color effect. It is added to the raw material by melt blending, so that injection molding, extrusion or blow molding products look with special color effects. Its characteristics and advantages are one-time molding, without post-spraying treatment and turnover, improving efficiency and greatly reducing product defect rates; no traditional three wastes, low energy consumption, 100% recycling, low-carbon and environmental protection; Long life; Surface treatment cost is reduced by more than 50%. Cheng said that the spray-free plastic materials developed by Caijian have been successfully used in the fields of home appliance shells, auto parts, bottle blowing, profiles, and plates.
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Although spray-free plastics have many advantages, Mr. Cheng admits that Caijian has invested heavily in the R&D department to set foot in and cultivate the spray-free market since 2014, and downstream application companies still have relatively few choices for spray-free plastics, and there is no big deal. The popularity of the scale and the serious analysis are mainly due to the three aspects of materials, molds and processes. At present, the spray-free plastic technology is not very mature, and there is still a lot of room for development in terms of scratch resistance and weather resistance. Its effect is still far from the traditional spraying effect. In terms of technical issues, industry manufacturers also need to invest a lot of financial resources and energy to study.

Mr. Cheng introduced to reporters that long before the introduction of spray-free products in China, spray-free products have been well received and loved by many consumers abroad. Although the silver metal effect is very obvious and the appearance design is very gorgeous, the surface of the vacuum cleaner still has obvious unresolved flow marks and weld lines. However, European and American consumers are rushing for this product. A key reason is that foreign consumers have a very strong concept of environmental protection. The emphasis on environmental protection enables them to tolerate some appearance defects of this spray-free material, so it is not regarded as a defective product. Instead, love those flaws as a unique mark that symbolizes green environmental protection. In the Chinese market, flow marks have become an alternative feature of the Dyson brand, and Chinese consumers are not unacceptable for this effect. Mr. Cheng believes that it is also very important to guide consumers in the concept of environmental protection when promoting spray-free plastic products in our country at this stage.