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Dongguan Caijian Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Caijian main business: high-end color masterbatch, spray-free materials, degradable materials, flame retardant masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, antibacterial masterbatch, laser engraving masterbatch and other modified functional masterbatches. Products are widely used in: household appliances, toys, daily necessities, bathroom supplies, stationery packaging materials, medical food, cables and wires and other industries.

Our company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2006, and has long-term cooperation with many universities to develop new projects. There are 18 advanced single and double screw production lines, equipped with computer colorimeter, electrostatic tester, combustion tester, aging tester, fat melting tester, impact tester, tensile tester, mixing tester and other testing equipment. According to the needs of customers, we have continuously introduced complete test equipment such as small film blowing machines, bottle blowing machines, tablet presses, wire drawing machines, non-woven machines, meltblown machines, etc., in order to provide customers with more accurate test data. The quality achieves the most satisfactory effect of customers.

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