Quality assurance

The products are of good quality, and we have strict raw material inspection laboratories and quality inspectors. You will enjoy our high-quality service while using high-quality products.

  • Scientific management

    Constantly devoting itself to quality management, process management and cost management, practicing hard internal skills, and insisting on developing the factory with science and technology, winning with quality and reputation, and continuously providing customers with high-quality products and services as its own responsibility, and providing technical guidance services!

  • Powerful

    With rich practical experience in production, strong technical force and advanced production technology, we can research and develop new products according to market research and technical requirements put forward by customers, and cooperate with relevant scientific research departments to undertake some new product development tasks.

  • Fast delivery

    Factory direct sales, cost-effective, the company employs nearly 100 people, of which 25% are senior technical personnel, and the annual production capacity can reach tens of thousands of tons.

  • Full service

    The company's sales service system, pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services are all completed by special personnel, so as to eliminate the worries of customers in a timely and efficient manner.

Advantages of spray-free materials

With the progress of the times, the current economic development has increasingly advocated environmental protection

  • 1

    Appearance advantage

    No flow marks, greatly reduced weld lines

  • 2

    Fewer processes, high efficiency

    No need to modify the mold, one-step injection molding, shorten the production cycle by 2~3 times

  • 3

    High value, no paint peeling

    A variety of high-value flashing textures, scratch resistance, no paint peeling, prolong service life and maintain beauty

  • 4

    20%~50% cost reduction

    Eliminate complex painting process, reduce comprehensive cost and high yield

  • 5

    Green and healthy, low VOC

    Eliminate the harmful substances produced by the spraying process, reduce pollution, and the parts can be recycled

  • 6

    Consumer recognition

    Consumers are safe, happy and healthy, and the market demand for spray-free plastics is gradually increasing

Production guarantee

The company has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, professional scientific research team, independent laboratory, strong technical strength. With the help of a strong R&D department, the company is also growing to develop new application products.

The company has advanced twin-screw extruder and internal mixer production lines, more than 10 sets of various auxiliary production equipment, 10 R&D personnel and technicians, 20 technical operators, and rich management experience.