Blown Film Application

Blown Film Application

Blown film is a plastic processing method, which refers to a plastic processing process in which plastic particles are heated and melted and then blown into a film. The quality of the film blown by this process is related to the machine and plastic particles that blow the film.

If it is a film blown from a new material, the color and luster are uniform, clean, and the finished product is well stretched. If the plastic particles made of recycled waste plastics are usually made of pigments when they are made into films, the resulting films may be unevenly colored, brittle and easy to break, and the price is lower.

If the blown film material produced by a professional film blowing machine is suitable for various high-grade film packaging. This film can be widely used in light and heavy packaging due to its good barrier properties, preservation, moisture resistance, frost resistance, oxygen insulation, and oil resistance. Such as various fresh fruits, meat products, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverages, medical supplies, etc.

If the non-professional film blowing machine or the film blowing machine does not use the correct method in the processing process, the film material made may also be inferior. Most PEs are used for blown film processing, general low density PE (LDPE) or linear low density PE (LLDPE) are available. HDPE film grades are generally used where superior stretchability and excellent barrier properties are required.


Application areas:

Tank top bag, dry lamination film, stretch film, black and white film, packaging film, shopping bag, PP film, cast film, tablecloth stretch film, stretch film packaging, chemical product packaging, bulk material packaging, packaging bags, PP film , Convenient bag film, EVA film, impermeable film, waterproof film, PVC film, etc.